Alteration FAQ

Who needs alterations?
Just about everyone needs alterations on their clothing at one time or another. Human bodies come in all shapes and sizes unlike ready to wear clothing which has standard manufactured sizes. Pants need to be hemmed, jackets and coats need sleeves shortened and dresses and skirts need shortened also. Maybe you have narrow shoulders and a bigger waist, or, just the opposite. If you want your clothes to fit properly, you need alterations.

What can or should be altered?
Just about any garment can be altered to fit. You need to consider the added cost of tailoring to the cost of the garment. Does it make sense? Do you like or need this pieces enough to invest in a good fit? How important is it to your wardrobe?

When do I need a tailor?
Some people need and have all their clothing altered to fit. Men and women who wear suits usually need tailoring. Brides and Mothers of Brides and Bridesmaids need to have gowns fit properly. Any time a piece of clothing is too big or too long or feels awkward, it needs to be altered.

Where do I go when I want something altered?
If you can sew, you might be able to do it yourself. Or your friend or relative might know how. But if you want an expert, you need some research. You need to know the seamstress or tailor's background. You can look on-line for reviews. My Shop on Rugby Drive has many good reviews and extensive years of experience altering men's and woman's clothing.