Consignment/Resale FAQ

What is Resale?
Resale is selling goods that have been previously used by someone else, sometimes called second-hand. Usually you find resale in garage sales, vintage stores, charity based stores and consignment stores like My Shop on Rugby Drive.

What is the difference between Resale and Consignment stores?
Resale stores are charity based. They depend on donations from people cleaning closets and garages. They sort the donations and then put them out for sale.
Those who want to gain money from things they no longer want might "consign" them to a consignment store. The store them pays them a percentage of the final selling price.

Are there any other differences?
Yes. When people donate, the goods might be old, or worn or dirty because it's stuff that might have just been thrown away. A consignment store has rules about exactly what and in what condition items must be to be accepted. Therefore, consignment shops merchandise will be better quality and in better condition. My Shop on Rugby Drive is a consignment shop.

What about price?
Because a resale store is stocked by donations, it sells at low prices. After overhead costs, the rest of the money is donated to the sponsoring charity. A consignment shop, on the other hand, is responsible for getting the most money for it's consignors. The customer is paying for the expertise of the shop, the higher quality over all and possibly location and d├ęcor. Service should be that of a high end department store or boutique.